Through the Gate Project

Employment support in custody in Oxfordshire prisons and for ex-offenders in the community


Here at Aspire we’re not fussed about your past – we just want to work with you in the present to help you build yourself a better future. Most of all, though, we will give you support and a warm welcome.

Once engaging at Aspire, we will:

• Give you real work experience on our businesses and with local employers
• Give you tailored, one-to-one support to improve your employability
• Help you get qualifications and access training and cover your expenses
• Help you find paid employment opportunities

While you're in custody (in either Bullingdon or Spring Hill), we can:

- Offer a pick-up service to collect you from the prison gate.
- Meet you inside before your release to help you plan for the future - this can include work experience on Aspire enterprise teams while on ROTL if in Spring Hill.
- Help you set in place a constructive, positive routine to put into practice on your release.

Give us a call on 01865 204450, email or simply pop in for a chat – you’re always welcome, no appointments, no queues, no hoops to jump through. Ask for Christine Rolls as project lead or Rich Tyson as Project Assistant.