Trailblazer Programme

Homelessness Prevention in Oxfordshire

Aspire is delighted to be part of a new, innovative response to homelessness prevention in Oxfordshire, known as Trailblazer. This project will see Aspire’s new Trailblazer team proactively engaging with those at risk of homelessness across the county and intervening at the very first point of contact to prevent homelessness.

About Trailblazer

Trailblazer is a multi-agency programme designed to help local people to build their resilience and prevent their homelessness. By engaging with people at risk of homelessness before crisis point is reached, there is far more potential to work with individuals and use their energy, ideas and resilience to create a better outcome together.

At the heart of the Trailblazer approach is partnership working with multiple agencies, statutory services, housing authorities and health partners to reach those most in need.

Key programme activities

  • Aspire’s new team of Community Navigators and support workers will work across five District Housing Authorities and Housing Associations, in co-located venues with a key focus on outreach delivery.
  • Aspire’s Trailblazer team will proactively seek out those at risk of homelessness. This will include ex-offenders who are vulnerably housed and care leavers.
  • Their role will be to provide both a support and a brokerage function, designed to empower individuals to have confidence in engaging with statutory and support agencies, centred on their housing and homeless prevention needs.
  • The Community Navigators will work with individuals to sustain their housing options and maintain their tenancies.
  • The Trailblazer project team will work to enable each individual to help them maintain their accommodation through career & employability development advice. This will be linked to identifying local education, training and employment development & opportunities.
  • Individuals at risk of homelessness will also be given access to Aspire’s wider employment programme.

The Trailblazer programme is set to signal a step change in how Oxfordshire tackles homelessness and rough sleeping. By identifying clients at high risk of homelessness at the earliest stage, Aspire will be able to deliver specialist early interventions and improve the likelihood of successful homeless prevention.

Trailblazer referrals

If you are at risk of homelessness or concerned about your housing situation, you can contact one of Aspire’s Community Navigators by calling 01865 204450 or emailing

Referral routes

Aspire will work in collaboration with multiple agencies to deliver this project and proactively reach those at risk of homelessness. Trailblazer’s referral routes will include health partners in areas of high deprivation across Oxfordshire, housing providers, district housing authorities, Job Centres and Voluntary and Community organisations.

To speak to our Trailblazer Programme Lead about becoming a referring organisation please call 01865 204450 or email